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Helping Smart Comapnies With Better Integrated Solar Solutions

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AVK Solar aims to provide you with a plethora of options to invest in solar power judiciously.It is a one stop solution provider in terms of solar energy related equipment. We manufacture designs that are simplistic and efficient in use pertaining to commercial and residential applications.

Our Products

We manufacture the following products utilising this immense energy of Solar power:

The details on each of these can be found in the Products section. Across this range of products, we aim to make our future self-sufficient and sustainable.

At AVK, everything revolves around innovation. The ground-breaking technology of using Photo Voltaic modulescan revolutionise the way we access power. We can easily mount solar panels on rooftops and garner high level electricity. However, there are some prerequisites to be considered before you install solar panels which we will explain further on our web page.

We have a team that does extensive research, testing and trials to ensure the appropriate installation process.

Our Core beliefs and values

We are strongly committed to providing an affordable and clean energy with unmatched quality standards. An undying spirit in the path of making our planet go green.

Our mission is to make our presence known in the solar world and cater to the renewable energy segment, thereby making the consumers self-sufficient. We believe in innovation and finding ways to help our customer receive the positive impact in their solar investment.

Why choose us?

At AVK Solar, we believe in delivering quality results with a flair of aesthetic appeal to the installation. Solar panels are worth the investment and play a critical role in making you competitive in this fast paced world. In addition to this, government provides tax rebates and grants on solar usage.

We work with a good range of clientele experiencing a good feeling of doing the right thing! We deliver quality and excellence by complying with the standards laid down.

Paving way for a cleaner future!

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